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A mobile smart robot that’s got it all!

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A new innovation for traffic management has come out. This system is including the patrol robot with built-in sensors and extensible battery pack, the rail, the mobile charging pack and the fixed charging pile.


The robot is side mounted on the fixed track. It looks like an AGV Train. Including an integrated technical system, it helps the traffic police to ensure road safety and tighten electronic control in the tunnel. The device can be run for 24/7 and the top speed could be up to 60km per hour. At that, the battery system is with automatic charging feature provided. The mobile charging pack will timely connect to the robot when it’s low battery.


This AGV-shaped, intelligent device offers all the functions to cover varieties of circumstances in the tunnel. It can be easily operated via computer or smart phone applications to monitor the situations and make real-time exploration and warning.

The main features are:


   - Water leakage from the walls or the crown of the tunnel

   - The electrical cabinet or fire hydrant opened by mistake

   - Fireproof plate flaked off

   - Or other situations


With the help of information collection and processing, wireless data transmission, network data communication, auto-control and the other technologies, the robot will upload and analyze the detection data daily. The AI system would make warning report with statistic analysis according to the data, in order to carry out the fault diagnosis and trend prediction. This would go a long way in management and maintenance of the tunnel.