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Highway intelligent robot successfully placed and run in Dubai!

Date: 2018-04-13 00:00:00 Hits: 416


RYM has gone through the test and installation of the smart robot

on Dubai highways.

The first generation of highway intelligent monitor customized for Dubai Police has been officially run on the highway. It can detect traffic violations more accurately than conventional radars. The Police officers will monitor the situation via smart phone applications.


This controller has many features including an integrated technical system that helps the traffic police to ensure road safety and tighten electronic control on roads, while focusing on checking the dangerous violations committed by drivers.

How will it work?

A new live-streaming monitor that can slide up or down a highway railing and capture images of illegal driving, such as speeding, jaywalkers or even reckless drivers. It can be able to catch several different offences and relay live video back to the police. This would go a long way in protecting the lives of road-users.


Additionally, the device can ring an alarm and use microphones for transmission of warning message to motorists or pedestrians. It is a smart innovation among others that the Dubai Police have implemented on Dubai roads.

Some of its features are

> Can catch reckless drivers

> Record more violations than radars

> Can send data straight to the command and control centre

> Can alert motorists by alarms and warnings

> Can be installed and shifted easily